The Powerhouse story started in 1996 when Mike Murphy purchased a portable retail sign company including the patent rights to the proprietary signage system. Mike contacted long-time personal friends David Hargrave and Brent Teeter who were busy building impressive careers with companies like Smithkline-Beecham, Burlington Northern Railroad and Motts. Although Brent and David had honed their experience in the retail industry via large companies, Mike knew they had the entrepreneurial instincts and work ethic to help him jump-start this new technology. Mike sold Brent and David the distributor rights to the DFW, Shreveport and Tulsa markets.

The partnership bolted out of the gates quickly building a healthy book of customers with their incomparable service. As the sign business grew, so did awareness of a huge need for other types of retail services including inflatable balloon advertising.

In 2002, an inflatable balloon manufacturer approached Mike Murphy with a huge challenge – Complete a 4,000 store national rollout by installing 12 foot tall inflatable advertising balloons on the roof of every Burger King in the country!

Powerhouse was thus officially formed by Mike and Brent in 2004. Powerhouse then brought Spongebob Squarepants, Darth Vader and Shrek inflatable balloons to life in 3 separate national roll-outs.

Many other national retailers began recognizing Powerhouse as an industry leader in retail services and were presenting them with many different national projects including lighting, sign maintenance, survey and many other projects.

David Hargrave joined Powerhouse full time as a Principal in 2009 after the conclusion of the BNSF Railroad acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway.

Fast-forward to the present, Powerhouse now employs over 500 employees servicing national projects with the same passion and commitment to excellence the company was founded on.