At Powerhouse, we offer a wide range of retail services – from remodel construction to lighting and fixture installation, to ongoing facilities maintenance. We have the experience and resources to efficiently manage a wide range of large-scale national or regional rollouts.

PH provides national and regional rollout services. From graphics to surveys to fixtures to electrical to refreshes, any program from one of our other business lines that has high volume and velocity is considered a rollout. Using a hybrid resource approach, Powerhouse can touch thousands of locations within a few days. Infinity allows us the ability to manage hundreds of team members to ensure consistency and compliance at each site. Before and after photography as well as in-field quality control audits guarantee success.

Remodel Construction:
PH provides national store refresh and remodel services. This includes demoing interior walls as well as building new interior walls; painting, carpentry; HVAC, plumbing and fire suppression remediation/relocation. New flooring, electrical and lighting. We will provide exterior fascia remediation but we don’t do anything structural. We like to say “within the 4 walls”. We also help clients with the planning phase by identifying existing condition through surveying; we execute simple surveys consisting of Q&A and measurements to more robust surveys with 360° scanning and the development of current As Builts. The approach is to build the right team for the project. Construction deals in finish levels, some clients need a higher level finish (think Louis Vuitton) whereas others do not (think Walmart), this drives detail orientation and skill level of the crew. So we mitigate cost for clients by aligning the right teams. Also, there will always be PH personnel supervising the team in the field and a project manager managing the day to day admin work, providing daily reporting, managing scheduling, etc. We may also self-perform many of the trades on these projects because of the level of detail required.

PH provides national fixture and graphic installation services. Clients engage us for new store fixture sets, as well as resets and optimizations. We install graphics packages, but we do not produce them. We have experience with complex programs and align our teams according to the skill set required.

FMlightingFacilities Maintenance/Lighting:
FM – PH provides national scheduled and reactive facilities maintenance services. We provide carpentry, handyman, flooring, plumbing, electrical, lighting, signage and racking maintenance. Our clients can choose to work with us on either scheduled or reactive programs, or we can customize a bundled program to save them money on their current maintenance spend. We have our own 24hr call center and can successfully manage any service level requirement. Where we differ from our national competitors is that we self-perform many of our services – most other national guys broker all of the work. We have the ability to work within any FM system our clients may use. Lighting– PH provides national lighting services. This includes group relamps, lighting retrofits and LED conversions. As LED is a hot topic these days, we have a lot of experience in LED conversions. While we are manufacturer and distributor agnostic, we can provide guidance and consultation on the technology. Our experience offers best practices for these types of projects, we understand the challenges and issues that can arise and therefore can help the client to plan an effective program that will come out on time and within budget.